In case you wonder, no payment or freebies were given for writing this post. I just wanted to recommend it to other mums.

Ever since my 3 year old was a baby, she has suffered from cradle cap, despite the fact I always used natural or organic baby shampoos. I have tried olive oil, cradle cap shampoos and various creams you get from the pharmacy, but nothing got rid of it.

When we lived in the UK, I used to take my toddler to Trotters on the Kings Road in Chelsea to get her hair cut. It costs around £14, better than £20 at Tantrum where I took her before that (but not quite as fun)!

The hairdresser at Trotters recommended Original Sprout Baby Shampoo and Bodywash as it is oil-based, whereas most shampoos aren’t. She also recommended rinsing her hair in fresh water after her bath and not washing it every day.

After only a few washes, the cradle cap disappeared. The result: One flake free daughter and one seriously happy mummy!

Although it’s pricey, I still use Original Sprout as it smells delicious, rinses easily and lasts a long time. It’s also free of Sulfates, parabens and other yucky thingsas well as being eco-friendly.

I also use their fab Miracle Detangler on my 3 year old’s hair as it is long and gets tangled easily.

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