Exciting news! There are now even more cuddly friends to add to your Jellycat family at home! New Jellycat characters have been introduced to complement Trotters’ Spring / Summer collection for 2015.

Jellycat have been creating these furry friends in the UK since 1999, and we have fallen head over heels in love with all of them!


NEW to our Jellycat family are…

Bashful Strawberry Bunny
This medium sized fruity-pink bunny is delightfully soft and lovely to cuddle! > http://bit.ly/1BdRRHB

Bashful Duck
With silky soft wings in beautiful buttermilk, and big squishy webbed feet in warm orange,  this bashful duck can be brought either as a baby duckling, or a medium sized duck > http://bit.ly/1JNcoYf

Bashful Elephant
This medium sized flopsy-eared new member of our Jellycat family has a gorgeous midnight-blue fur and a very sweet face > http://bit.ly/1z15XxQ

Bashful Kitten
With a sweet sugar pink nose, this little kitty loves to be cuddled! > http://bit.ly/1yIoyzS

Bashful Bunny Ring Rattle
Keep your baby entertained with this rattle available in baby blue, baby pink and cream > http://bit.ly/1xXCIta

Bashful Bunny Soother
Available in cream and beige and perfect for any newborn, this little bunny clutches a cosy soft blanket > http://bit.ly/1zgdEUa

Jingly Hedgehog
These baby blue and baby pink hedgehogs are perfect gifts for newborns with the jingle jangle noise inside! > http://bit.ly/1BdSjWs

Jingly Fawn & Lamb
A baby fawn or lamb for a new born baby! They both have gentle chimes in their tummies which sounds as they are turned all about, making a pretty ditty for musical tots > http://bit.ly/1zNsfpF

Toastie Bunny & Fox
These members of the Jellycat family are wrapped up tightly – a blue jumper for foxy, and a pink jumper for bunny > http://bit.ly/18jj3ho


These new members of our Jellycat family are perfect gifts for little ones, and all need a home!