The excitement of Pancake Day lived up to expectation this year. The usual suspects were hovering around the kitchen with one notable addition, my 17m old nephew Lucius.
Being his first ‘proper’ Pancake Day, we thought we’d make it one to remember…

As you can see, he was eager to get involved from the start. But being unable to read yesterday’s pancake recipe blog post, it still may be some time before I hang up my apron.

In true Ready, Steady, Cook style I cracked the eggs one handed – though unlike the world of television there was no room for error and retakes. No need… this time.

During the whisking process it soon became clear that my crown as the pancake king of the family was under threat!

On to the really hard part, the waiting… as mentioned in my recipe method, leaving the mix to sit for 15 minutes allowed us to take a selfie (photobombed by my sister Natasha, Lucius’ mother) and tuck into some of those lovely blueberries, which I suspect was my little assistant’s plan all along.

Now that the pan is hot and the mix is ready, it’s time to get cooking! Plus there appears to be a crowd forming around the kitchen and I may have heard the odd comment about “how long does it take to cook a pancake?” Dad, I’m looking at you!

Unfortunately, things go a bit wrong here. While I’m pretty sure the finished product is expertly photographed for Jamie Oliver’s cook books and not touched up until the final shot has been taken, I had no such luck! No sooner did the pancake hit the plate from the pan it was filled and filed to it’s eagerly awaiting recipient. Here we have shot of the last pancake of the night.

You guessed it… mine.

Of course the main ingredients of Pancake Day are fun and laughter; these we had plenty of and hope you did too.

But wait, what would Pancake Day be without the obligatory pancake flip video?