Winter’s drawing in, I’ve even had to scrape ice off my car some mornings and it’s only just November!


So, with that in mind, I know we’re all going to be thinking about warm clothing to protect us against the elements.


But it’s not just us that are going to be feeling the chill, young children and especially babies are particularly vulnerable to the cold in the UK winter months and we’ve got the perfect thing to keep your baby boys and baby girls warm, cosy and comfortable this winter.


Our baby padded suits are ideal for keeping the cold out. They include easy openings, a hood for extra warmth and super snug padding throughout. They are made with 100% cotton so are naturally breathable and will easily wick moisture away from the skin to keep babies comfortable and regulate temperatures.


baby boy body suitbaby girls body suit



They come in two stylish designs, pink for girls and blue for boys, and they really do have babies looking absolutely adorable.


These lovely baby padded suits are machine washable, which is obviously an absolute must as we all know how messy babies clothing can get and that regular washing is, unfortunately necessary.