As many of you know, the Cairn Trust is the charity we at Trotters support. We are working with The CAIRN Trust to build a school in Nepal.


nepalese boy, cairn trust

The CAIRN Trust are a fantastic charity who do a lot of great work in rural Nepal; they working towards enabling all children in Nepal to have access to an education! Something you probably take very much for granted, but is sadly still a luxury for many families around the world.


The CAIRN Trust develops educational infrastructures in rural communities through three core projects:


CAIRN Schools & Libraries: They construct and equip schools, libraries, nursery schools and other educational building projects in partnership with rural communities.


CAIRN Educational Awards: They provide the essential educational support for children to go to school, including school fees, stationery and uniforms.


CAIRN Communities: They identify and support children within their educational communities who require additional assistance to continue with their education through a number of smaller projects e.g. Income generation programmes, medical funds.


If you would like some more information on the great work carried out by The CAIRN Trust, follow these links for:


The CAIRN Trust Home Page

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