As you may know, Trotters is working closely with The CAIRN Trust to build a school in Nepal. To help raise money for this excellent cause, we are looking to sell this specially made Jelly Elly in our stores. However, he/she needs a name! This is where Thomas’s Fulham come in to lend a hand…Nearly 400 pupils will be casting their votes as they pick the winning name for Name the Jelly Elly competition on Friday 11th Feb.The pupils have already shortlisted five Nepalese names for the Elly, which all have meanings:



  • Nima -sun
  • Yamu- twin
  • Bandu-friend
  • Kipu – happy
  • Temba – good


The winning name will be announced tomorrow evening by the CAIRN Prefect, Polly Brown and Dunwoody at the end of the CAIRN Movie Night.