It’s only Thursday but these bright skies and golden sunshine have us dreaming about the weekend! Have you heard? It’s going to be beautiful. So get your little darlings ready for some fun in the sun with these stylish and practical summer must-haves.

Cover Up
Light, loose fitting clothes provide extra protection against the sun while keeping your little ones cool. Don’t forget to add a hat for extra protection and a dash of sunshine chic. All made with 100% cotton we recommend  the Lily Rose Embroidered Kaftan (available in pink and blue), the UPF50+ Flap Happy Sun Hat, and the Confiture Natasha Hat.

Apply & Reapply
Sunscreen is essential even on those cloudy days. Spots most often missed when in a hurry or wrestling with a less than willing toddler are the shoulders and the back of the neck. Our 100% natural and worry-free Original Sprout SPF 27 Sunscreen is specially formulated for children and those with sensitive skin. Non-greasy and super easy to apply, it can be used on the whole family.

Protect Those Peepers
Sunglasses help protect your little one’s eyes form the suns harmful rays, so be sure to pick up a pair that offer appropriate UV protection like our Crocodile Swimwear Wayfarers (available in blue and tortoise shell) and our Calypso Wayfarers.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to have a laugh or two!

Fun in the sun