This week on the Trotters Top 10, we’ve put together a list of this week’s bestselling clothing items for boys. Our Red Shark Swimshorts were easily the most popular clothing item for boys, and with both the Lobster Swimshorts and Flamingo Swimshorts coming in at number 5 and 6 respectively, it looks like we’re all preparing for some summer fun. Don’t forget to check out our boys’ summer sale items here.

1. Red Shark Swimshorts, Crocodile 
2. Edward Pyjamas, Original Pyjama Co was £37.00  now £25.00
3. Baby White Busby T-Shirt, Chelsea Clothing Co was £19.00  now £16.00
4. Grey Busby T-Shirt, Chelsea Clothing Co was £21.99  now £18.00
5. Lobster Swimshorts, Crocodile
6. Flamingo Swimshorts, Crocodile
7. Nicholas Rugby Shirt, Thomas Brown was £34.99  now £25.00
8. Max Half Zip Top, Thomas Brown was £34.00  now £25.00
9. Red Jake Jeans, Thomas Brown was £37.00  now £30.00
10. Blue Gingham William Shirt, Thomas Brown was £37.00  now £25.00