As a new mum, I thought it would be great to give you my thoughts and advice on some of the top products I have used. Alison, Diary of a New Mum

1. Receiving blanket: One thing you can guarantee with a new baby is a LOT of visitors. You will meet neighbours you never knew you had despite living somewhere for 5 years and all those distant relatives who were only ever names on Christmas cards will suddenly descend. A smart receiving blanket is essential kit for passing a sleepy baby around and not disturbing them too much. You can use it for their crib in the night and in the pram during the day, so useful. I was given a lovely woven check one from Little White Company.

2. Baby towels: Once you’ve learnt how to give the baby a bath (took me quite a few attempts to manage the whole procedure on my own) bath-time is usually a really nice part of the day. I do find the getting out bit can cause tears. The Cuddle me Dry towel is brilliant because it’s already in the right place, so you’re not juggling a wet slippery baby who’s getting cold. They just get wrapped straight up and everyone’s happy!

3. Massage voucher: Yes something for mummy. It’s not all about the baby you know! One of my most welcome presents was a voucher for the Organic Pharmacy. After being pregnant, giving birth and then weeks of breast feeding and carrying a baby around, you REALLY need those shoulder knots eased.

4. SwaddleMe blankets: It’s very simple, my baby won’t sleep without being swaddled. These blankets are just easier than blankets and pins as they have velcro tabs which, when you have to do a night nappy change, are so much easier. I would call these essential kit and they are available from most good online stores.

5. Fabric sling: Mine was a gorgeously soft, posh beige colour. You may want a solid sling too but the fabric ones are great, especially for early days when the baby really is soothed by being carried. I suppose it is a bit like being back in the womb. If the baby’s happy, you’re happy! Also good for breastfeeding when you’re out and about because you can feed very discreetly.