With over a month since the launch of our new ecommerce website, we’re happy to blow our own trumpet about the successes and great feedback we’ve had so far.

We know it’s been a long time coming for our regular and valued long term customers so we’re thrilled to now offer the flexibility of online ordering. We’re equally excited about the greater reach we’re now achieving allowing us to easily display our classic childrenswear further afield.

In particular, we’ve noticed a lot of new interest in our babies’ coats and jackets, partly, we’re sure, due to the time of year as with winter fast approaching it’s the perfect time to be looking for a jacket or coat for your baby that’s going to keep them warm & snug as well as giving them a classic, contemporary look.

baby boys & girls coats & jackets

I for one am not surprised at all about the interest our babies’ coats and jackets are getting. Baby boys’ coats and Baby girls’ coats in this year’s collection, really will have your little treasures looking gorgeous as well as being protected from the cold winter weather. Pictured above are the boys and girls baby fleece coats which I’m sure you’ll agree look absolutely stunning, however, they’re only the tip of the iceberg in this year’s stunning collection.