Annabel is wearing our Martha Dress
Stanley is sporting the William Shirt

Twice a year, there’s great excitement at Trotters HQ.  After months of planning and designing, the new season clothing has started to come in, and we’re about to see them being worn for the first time. Yes, it’s photo shoot time!

With 29 little superstars, 10 helping hands from Trotters (including 2 hairdressers), 2 photographers, 2 assistants, and 2 entertainers – the party starts early. Party Rings, Jammy Dodgers, and crisps of all varieties are laid out with no regard for the fact that it’s an unearthly hour of the morning. We’re good to go!

As the little superstars start streaming in, the noise reaches a level that can be heard across the whole of London. From games of “What’s The Time Mr Wolf”, to hearty renditions of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, it’s hard to tell whether we’re all there for work or fun!As dresses get pulled over heads, shirt tails tucked in to belted shorts, and sandwich crumbs wiped from rosy cheeks, there’s a great buzz around the new collection. The little superstars are loving the clothes, with fights over which girl can wear our beautiful new Martha dress and ballet outfits, and parents admiring our new colourful jeans. Pre-orders start flying in!

We thought we’d share some of our back-stage photos with you. Some of the stock isn’t yet in stores or on our site, but do keep an eye out.