In October 2010, Trotters entered into partnership with a young charity, called The CAIRN Trust (Child Aid In Rural Nepal, Together we have structured an exciting campaign and have recently build the first Trotters school to educate children in rural Nepal.

With both our organisations sharing similar values we plan to forge a long-term relationship and work in unison to dramatically improve and develop educational facilities in a rural community. Over time, we hope to build a number of Trotters schools enabling a better future and quality of life for these poor but enthusiastic children.
A bit about Nepal:

• Poorest country in South East Asia

• Population of 29 million people

• 84% live in rural Nepal (23 million)

• Over 60% live on less then 50p a day

• Literacy rates are as low as 11% in some villages

• Children have to walk long distances to get to school

• Traditionally, girls have less access to an education

• Children have to work as a source of income

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