In celebration of World Ballet on Tuesday 2nd October 2018, we wanted to share with you the range of benefits for young girls and boys that practice ballet. As well as the unquestionable beauty, grace and poise, ballet provides the foundation for many skills that translate into the real world.

World Ballet Day
Photograph taken by Alexander Yip for Ballerina Project UK (@AlexanderYipPhotography, @BallerinaProjectUK), Dancers from Semaphore Ballet Company (@SemaphoreBalletCompany, @RoyalAcademyofDance)

More specifically, discipline, hard work and respect are all key to learning this dance form and can be applied to just about anything. When children are young they are more adaptable and learning new things comes more easily. This is why it is key to start learning ballet from an early age as they reap the benefits from adolescence, as teenagers and then adults as they translate these skills for use in school and work.

Top 5 benefits of ballet:

  1. Learning how to follow instructions
  2. Gaining a sense of discipline
  3. Co-ordination, balance and control
  4. Activity and daily exercise
  5. Confidence in performing in front of groups

With this in mind, Trotters is supporting #worldballetday to celebrate all things ballet! The Royal Opera House will be livestreaming rehearsals, behind-the-scenes interviews and daily classes for this day-long event which should be just the ticket to spark your little one’s interest in this beautiful dance form. Don’t forget that you can also shop from our full ballet collection online and in-store – we have everything you need for your budding prima ballerina.



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